Hollywood Fashion Tape Commandos

Hollywood Fashion Tape Commandos

Enjoy panty-free comfort with liners that banish VPL forever! Made of 100% unbleached, un-dyed cotton, these self-adhesive pant patches allow you to "Go Commando", providing a clean, healthy barrier of protection between you and your jeans, shorts, workout gear, etc, with nary a thong-related wedgie nor panty line in sight. Hypo-allergenic and fabric-friendly. Peel off one half of paper backing from your Commandos« patch to expose one side of the adhesive. Instructions Remove remaining backing, fold Commandos« patch over opposite side of your pants and press into place. If wrinkles occur under your patch, gently pull up each tab and reposition until all wrinkles are removed. Apply Commandos« to fabric only, never to your skin.

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