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Rush home at night to release yourself from your bra's cruel grip? There is no reason to live this way. A comfortable bra seems like a myth because most of us are in the wrong size. It really does not have to hurt. When you put on the right size bra, it is like finding a new religion.

Here are some steps Pink Slip Suggests you follow:
1) Be aware that it is easy to get confused because in one brand you may be 36c, while in another you may very well be a 34d. Many sizes correlate such as a 32b and 34a, a 34c and 36b, a 36c and a 34d, a 36c and 38b. If your normal size does not fit you properly try one of the alternatives depending on where it is tight, on the bust or in the cup. Manufactures do not have a standard sizing, they all differ.
2) Remember bras need to feel firm on the loosest hook because they stretch after they are worn.
3) The center section between cups needs to be flat o the body
4) A bra should not leave any marks or lines on the body after it has been worn for a prolonged period
5) Breast should not spill out or bulge from the cups of the bra.
6) The underwire should rest on your rib cage, not on your breast tissue, both in the front and the sides.


How to check the fit of your new bra from Pink Slip?
After you measured yourself and ordered your bra, when it arrives put it thought the Pink Slip checklist. First make sure you put it on properly. Lean forward fitting your breast into the cups and adjust the back straps until you feel comfortable. Now stand in the mirror and look at yourself. Does it look like a bad fit like Pink Slip’s Loser bra or is it a perfect fit, like the Pink Slip winner bra!!!


Picture Pink Slip Loser;
1. Does the band dig on your shoulder?

Go down a band size
2. The breast is bulging over the bra?
Too small go up a cup size.
3.The front of the bra sits away from the chest wall?
Go down a band size


Picture Pink Slip Winner
1. The bra is firm but not tight and leaves no nasty marks on your body
2. The breast is not bulging.
The front of the bra lies perfectly flat against the body

It feels great on, it is no longer a nightmare, to wear a bra, and it is a pleasant dream because you found the right size

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